Whole-Building Savings

Energy savings tailored to multi-family buildings

Multi-family buildings have a high potential for energy savings—from lighting, to cooling and heating. CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy have teamed up to offer building operations a simplified way to achieve energy savings and reward you with an incentive for reducing energy use.

Our Multi-Family Building Efficiency program is designed to help you focus on whole-building energy improvements—in both common and residential areas—wherever the most potential savings are identified.

You can begin by scheduling a free, whole-building energy audit then determine the best approach to energy savings and incentive potential. A single point of contact will help you create a streamlined path to efficiencies—and you’ll benefit from decades of energy experience and knowledge in the process.

Every building type has a unique opportunity to maximize savings. For multi-family buildings, we can help address energy wasters and other priorities, including lowering your energy bill and increasing resident comfort.

CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy are two utilities that have combined forces to bring Minnesota multi-family property owners a unique one-stop solution. By participating in the Multi-Family Building Efficiency program, you can earn an incentive for achieving electric and natural gas energy-saving goals

What do you receive for participating?

  • A free energy audit to uncover whole-building improvement potentials
  • Free, energy-saving installations, including:
    • Screw-in LED lights in common areas
    • LED lights in resident units
    • Water-saving showerheads  
    • Water-saving faucet aerators  
    • Water heater blanket
    • LEDs in exit signs
  • Consulting support for deeper improvement efforts requiring engineering, retrofitting or equipment
  • A report of your building’s energy consumption to help understand the energy savings potential  
  • A single point of contact throughout the process.

Eligibility to participate

  1. Available for multi-family properties in Minnesota with electric service from Xcel Energy and natural gas service from either Xcel Energy or CenterPoint Energy.
  2. Your building(s) has a common entrance
  3. There are common areas
  4. Your residential units have in-unit kitchens

Additional Information

Multi-Family Building Efficiency Information Sheet (PDF)

Multi-Family Building Efficiency Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Multi-Family Building Efficiency Application (PDF)

Diamond Pointe Case Study (PDF)

Granite Trails Case Study (PDF)

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